• Company

    Royal Pat is a company founded in 1981 by the current director Giampiero Properzi that, just come of age, creates a small company of joinery.

    1988, thanks to a brilliant idea, born the first patent for an innovative system that allows the slats of the shutters to rotate up to get the blackout of the room.

    1992, with the brand Aluform®, comes the production of thermo-decorative panels for entrance doors made of aluminum, PVC and reinforced doors. In a short time the product becomes the benchmark and market leader.

    2007, in collaboration with the Politecnico of Milan, aimed at finding accessories and components to make it welcoming and comfortable entry of the house, was born Newentry®. The first produced canopy kits, minimal design that goes well with any architectural style, easy to install and certified for snow load and wind load.

    2011, Royal Pat acquires Plastinfissi, the prestigious Marche company founded in 1967, leader in the market for technical doors PVC and aluminum doors in wood and design’s doors in aluminum and glass.

    2013, experiences of Royal Pat and Plastinfissi blend and give life to the door flush Mya®, the door jamb and without frames that creates a perfect continuity with the wall, either masonry or plasterboard and characterized by an exclusive patent that makes reversible..

    2015, with the brand Boema®, comes the most comprehensive range of technical doors multipurpose for all environments: offices, laboratories, sports and shopping centers, medical facilities, schools and accommodation. Doors that are always and everywhere the best solution for every need.

    Today the company has more than 50 patents and is constantly engaged in the search for new solutions. Its products are distinguished by quality and always for the right mix of innovation and creativity. Even in their distinct identity, they are united by a common philosophy: make comfortable the environments since the entrance, to make you feel at home before you even enter.

    For the ability to provide products and services in line with customer expectations, in 2000 Royal Pat was the first company in the industry to get the quality certification EN:ISO9001.

  • Environment and Territory

    Being green means being aware of the role of their business and take responsibility. For the realization of our products, even when laws do not oblige us, always we prefer processes with minimal environmental impact. We make extensive use of recyclable materials and recover over 95% of our production waste that create new products. With a photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the factory, we produce our electricity needs, reducing by more than 90 tons per year the release of carbon dioxide into the environment.

    We are linked to our territory and we are committed to remain one of the best places to raise our children.

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